Burst Scarves, 4 shaft

**Not a true Crackle**

This series was woven on my 4 shaft compact LeClerc floor loom.  The pattern was taken from one of Ralph E. Griswold's designs.  He had it listed under 'Crackle', but I later found out that it is not a true crackle.  The pattern uses crackle block sequences, but it does not follow ALL of the crackle rules.  The pattern skips certain incidentals, which gives the traditional crackle a more (in my opinion) rigid appeal.  I find that this method allows the structure to take on a more fluid sparkle sort of design.

I have actually become quite obsessed with the rhythm, and gone on to design my own patterns following the same method.  I feel that as long as the cloth is sound in structure, that it's okay to break rules, push boundaries and discover new and innovative patterns.

For these scarves I used 2/8 tencel and dyed all of the colours with natural dyes (not the black).


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