Braided In Eternity Bracelets

Inkle looms are wonderful and fun. With an inkle loom, you can weave colorful and complex bands with minimal equipment. Inkle bands are strong and beautiful, and have a wide variety of uses—you can even use them to make gorgeous bracelets like the ones woven by Jennifer B. Williams in Easy Weaving with Little Looms 2018.

There is so much to love about Jennifer’s Braided in Eternity Bracelets. First, you have the option of two different inkle weaving techniques. You can either weave the more traditional bands to create the braided bracelets, or you can learn tubular inkle weaving to create the eternity knot bracelets. Second, it’s a wonderful new way to think about inkle bands. Often they’re used as a bit of extra on a bag or to hang a set of towels, but with this project the inkle bands get to be front and center. Finally, these bracelets really are beautiful with just a hint of shimmer—I’d happily make these in a whole rainbow of colors to accessorize all my outfits.

Braided in Eternity Bracelets

Braided Inkle Bracelets

As with all great projects you can also build off of what you learn while weaving these bracelets to go further. Looking at the tubular inkle weaving has me dreaming of custom-woven shoelaces for my favorite pair of Converse All Stars.

Whether you’re an experienced inkle weaver or a newer weaver wanting to try out a new project, I hope you enjoy weaving these wonderful bracelets.

Happy Weaving!

Project at a Glance:

Equipment needed: Inkle loom; 13 heddles; 1 belt shuttle.

Yarns: Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread Metallic, Size 10 (Red Heart), #90G gold; Metallic pearl cotton (DMC) #5283 Silver; 5/2 pearl cotton (Lunatic Fringe Yarns) Black; #5 Blue; 10/2 pearl cotton (Lunatic Fringe Yarns) Black; No. 2 Hilo Omega Nylon (Creative Yarn Source), #23 Ocean Blue; #02 Vanilla.

Featured Image: Braided in Eternity bracelets by Jennifer B. Williams.

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