Bobbin Burns

Handwoven Magazine Ask Madelyn

Hello, Madelyn.

I recently purchased your video on warping the loom.  Thank you for the wonderful tips.  I loved the tip on winding the bobbin. However, I do have one question.  Whenever I am winding the bobbin I find that my fingers burn as the yarn passes through on the way to the bobbin.  I have a manual bobbin winder so I can only hold the yarn with one hand. Do you have any suggestions on how I can maintain the tension but avoid the burn?

Thank you,

––Terry Anderson

Hi Terry!

It is a little harder to control the tension on the thread with a manual bobbin winder than with an electric one, but the solution to burning fingers is the same for both. Slow down! Some weavers wear a glove or use a square of leather between their fingers and the thread, but just winding more slowly should take care of the problem. Winding slowly also tends help you wind more carefully so you won’t make the lumps or bumps that can catch when the bobbin is unwinding.


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