Blanket Scarf 12-Shaft

Weave raindrops on your loom with Elisabeth Hill’s clever 12-shaft blanket scarf from Handwoven Loom Theory: Eight and Over Eight Scarf Collection. Elisabeth harnessed the power of summer and winter to create a cozy, warm scarf covered in a gorgeous raindrop motif. Here’s what Elisabeth had to say about her design:

12-shaft Blanket Scarf

Elisabeth Hill’s 12-shaft Blanket Scarf is the epitome of warm and cozy.

Designer Elisabeth Hill’s Statement

Tuna wool yarn offers a beautiful range of dyed colors, but the range of natural grays and creams really caught my eye when I started thinking about this project during the long, gray days of late winter in New England. The droplets motif was inspired by the drops of rain rolling down my studio windows, and I chose summer and winter as the structure because it packs a wallop in terms of pattern power on the fewest shafts. If you only have 8 shafts, you can weave a similar project without the second set of offset droplets. Summer and winter is not usually thought of as a drapey structure, so I kept my beat very soft to maximize drape and softness.

Baizerman, Suzanne, and Karen Searle. Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition. St. Paul, Minnesota: Dos Tejedoras, 1978, 7.

Whether you weave this project as written or use Lisa’s suggestions on modifying it for an 8-shaft loom, I hope you weave something warm, wooly, and wonderful.

Happy Weaving!

Project at a Glance

PROJECT TYPE: 12-shaft.

STRUCTURE: Summer and winter.

EQUIPMENT: 12-shaft loom, 17″ weaving width; 12-dent reed; 2 shuttle; 6 bobbins.

YARNS: Tuna (6/2 wool; 339 yd/100 g, 1,538 yd/lb; Vavstuga); 16/2 cotton (6,429 yd/lb; Vavstuga).

Featured Image: Elisabeth Hill’s 12-shaft Blanket Scarf woven using wonderfully warm wool. Photo credit: Caleb Young (Good Folk Photography). See also: Blanket Scarf 8-Shaft

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