Become A Master on the Rigid-Heddle Loom

Weaving books are so alluring.  It’s such fun to browse through several and dream of projects to make, envisioning different yarns or patterns. I think everyone has a few books on the shelf that are their “go-to” references when planning a project or trying to answer a question.    



Whether weaving on a harnessed or rigid-heddle loom, one of my all-time favorite books is The Weaver's Companion by Linda Ligon.  Although much of it is directed to harnessed looms, there is a wealth of information for the rigid-heddle weaver.  This is a book every weaver needs to have on hand.  The small spiral-bound design allows it to stand up on its own so it’s easy to prop up next to your loom.   


There is a section about specific fibers and how to figure out what fiber the yarn contains if the label is lost.  I keep my copy of this burn test chart over the stainless steel sink in my studio so I can easily refer to it when trying to determine the fiber content in any yarn.  What a valuable tool!  This chapter also explains the properties of various fibers which can help in deciding what yarn to use for a specific project.  



There are many helpful facts about project planning including charts on figuring yardage for any project, how to determine sett for the yarn you are using, and a chart for setts for some common yarns – all helpful tools for any weaver.  This section also gives measurements for some household and accessory items like dish towels, napkins, placemats, and hand towels.  This kind of information in one easy to find resource is a gem for all weavers.


Guidelines for successful designs are included and there are even tips on color theory and gray scale that will help someone that’s insecure about how to plan a project.   The final sections address troubleshooting and finishing techniques.  There are instructions for fixing broken warp threads, hemstitching, wet finishing, fringe treatments and more.   



This great little book answers so many questions my students ask me.  It offers so much in one small package!  Take advantage of the current sale to put this book on your shelf and in your hands.


Happy Weaving,


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