Beach House Placemats and Napkins

Weave along with Jodi Ybarra while dreaming of ocean waves and your toes in the sand. You can bring that same feeling of calmness into your home with these beach house placemats and napkins woven on a rigid-heddle loom. For Jodi, the ocean is a source of joy, and a feeling of peace, and it inspires her weaving creativity. Jodi designed these cotton placemats and napkins as beginner projects, but they are pretty enough to satisfy any weaver.

The warp for the placemats has a repeating stripe pattern of 5 muted colors, giving them a tranquil quality. For one of her placemat wefts, Jodi used a thick cotton/rayon rug filler, which makes the placemats sturdy enough to lie flat on the table. The thick filler also makes these placemats a quick weave at 7½ picks per inch. You could start them now and have them ready for your next dinner party.

Jodi Ybarra’s Beach House Placemats and Napkins

Jodi Ybarra’s Beach House Placemats and Napkins

The matching napkins use one of the placemat’s warp colors for both warp and weft, so they coordinate perfectly and extend that peaceful feeling. The napkins are plain weave with turned hems on two sides.

Dress your table with dreams of an ocean breeze and a walk in the sand. Whether it’s your vacation cottage near the beach, your house in the suburbs, or your apartment in the middle of a city, you’ll find these woven placemats and napkins a welcome addition to your home’s decor. Find them today in Easy Weaving with Little Looms 2018.

—Jodi Ybarra

Featured Image: Close up of Jodi Ybarra’s Beach House Placemats

Project at a Glance:

Equipment Needed: Rigid-heddle loom, 14″weaving width; 12-dent heddle; 2 stick shuttles.

Yarns: 8/2 Unmercerized Cotton(Aurora Earth; Cotton Clouds) Rug Filler (Cotton Clouds).

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