Weekend Weaving: Baltic Hearts Towels

Well folks, it’s finally February! Yesterday was Groundhog Day, which means we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day. This day devoted to all things lovey-dovey favors red, pink, or anything made of chocolate. Since it’s hard to weave chocolate, this week’s Weekend Weaving suggestion goes with color. I present to you Susan J. Foulkes’ spectacular Baltic Hearts Tea Towels.

Baltic Hearts towels

Baltic Hearts Towels by Susan Foulkes

These elegant 8-shaft towels, made of stark white cottolin, feature borders of pink and red hearts. Inspired by the traditional bandweaving patterns found in Dalarna, Sweden, the hearts use a supplementary weft rather than pick-up or inlay. (I love projects that look complicated but are fairly simple to weave, provided you set the loom up right.)

The warp is 22/2 cottolin, so if you have a cone of white cottolin or even 8/2 cotton in your stash, you can get towels warped this weekend. Then you’ve got plenty of time to finish a set by Valentine’s Day. Give them to a friend or loved one; keep them for your own kitchen; or, as I’ll probably do, add on enough yarn to weave four so you can do both. Whatever you choose, I know you’ll fall in love with this project. (Sorry, I had to get a sentence like that in here at least once.)

While I’m suggesting these as a Valentine’s Day project, they would be perfect for many other holidays or occasions. Weave up a set as a housewarming present or wedding present—they’re a gift that’s sure to delight. Or adapt the draft for a scarf or even a baby blanket (although if you do the latter maybe steer away from white for the ground cloth). It really is a versatile project and draft!

Whether you’re looking for a special Valentine’s Day project or just something lovely to weave, then Susan J. Foulkes’ Baltic Hearts Tea Towels has you covered.


Featured Image: Detail of Baltic Hearts Tea Towels by Susan Foulkes.

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