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The best thing about working for Handwoven and Weaving Today is access to the experts. Whenever I have a weaving question, the best help out there is right at my fingertips. Now you also have the opportunity to ask those questions on weaving basics to one of the most inspiring, knowledgeable weaving teachers out there: Deb Essen.

Deb is hosting a live webinar tomorrow on the fundamentals of weaving with good technique. You’ll get the chance to ask her those questions that have been at the back of your mind as long as you’ve been weaving. You’ll fill knowledge gaps you didn’t even know you had! Here’s Deb herself to share what you can expect in the Back to Basics Weaving Webinar! ~Andrea

I took my first weaving classes (oh, so many years ago…) at the Minnesota Weaver’s Guild. At the time, I didn’t truly appreciate the incredible teachers I had the good fortune to learn from. I think Athena, the goddess of weaving, was watching over me and sent me to the right place at the right time.

The longer I weave and the longer I teach, the more I learn from not only my own experiences, but also the weavers in my classes. I am deeply grateful for all of the knowledge that’s come my way that makes my weaving life so much easier and more fun.

I’ve been teaching Back to Weaving Basics for many years. The experience range of weavers who attend this class is much broader than I originally anticipated. My thought was to create a class for beginners who wanted help. However, while many beginners attend, I always have several weavers with more experience.

Maybe you live in a place without a guild or other weavers nearby to give help and mentorship. Maybe you are self-taught from books, have questions, and have no one to ask. Maybe your weaving life has been on hiatus due to life’s circumstances, and you could use a refresher course. Maybe you’d just like to know if “there’s a better/easier way”.

Learn weaving basics from Deb Essen in this unmissable webinar.

Deb Essen’s webinar is perfect for new weavers, weavers returning from a long hiatus, or even experienced weavers with those lingering questions about proper technique. Whatever your weaving level, you have something to learn from Deb. The webinar is tomorrow, June 8th 2016, so sign up today!

This weaving basics webinar is going to be chock full of information and photos: types of looms, reading drafts, calculating warp and weft, winding good warps that never lose the cross, avoiding threading errors, tensioning your warp well, dressing the loom minus stress, troubleshooting, tidy selvedges and more.

In person, I tailor the class to the attendees. Since I can’t ask everyone what they would like to learn, I’m tossing everything I possibly can into this hour. It will be fast. It will be furious. But don’t worry! You will get a chance to ask questions and get a recorded copy to review whenever you need it. It’s like taking the teacher home with you!

If you are a beginning weaver looking for help or an experienced weaver looking for tips, tricks, and easier ways to set up your loom, I hope you will join me for the live webinar. I always say it’s a good day when I learn something new. My goal is that you will leave this webinar saying, “It was a very good day.”


P.S. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this webinar! Sign up today, right here. ~Andrea

Deb Essen

Deb Essen is the instructor in the video Unlocking Profile Drafts and the author of the Supplemental Warp Weaving Collection, as well as many other essential weaving resources. In addition to running her handwovens business, Deb teaches at national and international conferences and guilds.

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