Art for All

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it seems appropriate to think about how we can open our hearts and be of service to others through weaving. One person who solidly uses weaving to spread the love is studio artist and weaver Kathryn Pannepacker from Philadelphia. Motivated by a strong belief in "art for all" she has organized weaving workshops in homeless shelters across the city. Kathryn was instrumental in a program where people in transition created a canvas of handwoven mats. The canvas was used to create the mural Finding Home.


She has been instrumental in operating the Arts Street Textile Studio where people in transition are invited to weave. It gives them a means to creatively express themselves and to find a place of dignity in their lives. Scarves are woven for sale on the various looms and when they are sold, half of the money goes to the weaver and the rest goes to help support the studio.


For inspiration, listen to Kathryn talk about her work in her own words; click here.

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