Arresting Works of Weaving

Fiber artist Joanne Arnett creates incredible textile mug shots using cotton yarns and wire. Arnett uses a TC-1 loom to weave the portraits, and the shine from the tinned-copper wire she uses in the weft makes the fabric look eerily like photographs from some angles, and like negatives from others.

The subject of mug shots was chosen because, according to the artist, “Mug shots are taken at a point between conflict and resolution. The person being photographed is documented at a time where life has slipped out of control. There is no opportunity to prepare for the picture, and he knows it will be made public. So there is an interesting element of being alone yet also on display.”

Interestingly, even though there are mug shots aplenty to be found on the internet, Arnett insisted on making her own as using somebody else’s would be “horribly rude.” So instead she takes photographs of herself in disguise. To see Arnett’s mug shots and other work take a look at her websitehere.

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