Are You Blocked? Get Unblocked!

. Weaving with Blocks

So you started with a weaving class. Maybe you wove a scarf or a twill sampler. You loved every minute. You got a loom. You gathered yarns and other lovely tools. One day, during your third or fourth warp, you said to yourself: I am a weaver.

But you didn’t live happily ever after. Somehow there is so MUCH to know about weaving. The books aren’t easy to understand. You take two steps forward and then feel as if you’re sliding three steps back.

The biggest block to feeling like you understand weaving is actually the “Block”! You can weave twills and plain weave for the rest of your weaving life, but if you do, you’ll miss the most exciting design potential weaving can give you, both in use of color and in creating your own original designs.

Michael Rohde .

We have two new aids for gaining this understanding. One is a new Best of Handwoven eBook: The Comprehensive Guide to Designing and Weaving with Blocks. This is the biggest eBook we’ve ever offered. Articles explain how blocks work and then present projects for practice that you’ll love to weave. The Comprehensive Guide covers the basic block weaves: summer and winter, taqueté, warp rep, doubleweave, turned twill, damask, and more. You’ll earn how to reduce a design to fit the number of shafts you have and how to get many different designs on the same profile threading. Having the articles under one cover on designing with blocks from over twenty years of Handwoven puts them all at your fingertips.

This eBook is one of our new aids for you—something from our past. The second aid will come from our shared future. The November/December

. Two Blocks

2011 issue of Handwoven is all about blocks. All the projects in this issue will use the same two-block profile draft but be woven using a different weave structure. Four-shaft weavers can use Atwater-Bronson lace, summer and winter, taqueté, crackle, and probably others I haven’t thought of.  Eight-shaft weavers will have even more options.

Planning this issue of the magazine gave us an idea. Knitters have knitalongs, why can’t we have a weave-along?

So here’s what we’re going to do. In March, your editors are each going to start weaving a project using this two-block profile draft. We’re going to blog about our progress so you can get a behind-the-scenes look. We want you to do this, too. The profile draft and basic instructions for the weave-along are at


You can post photos of your progress and of your final projects at We’ll include some of them in a Two-Block Gallery in the November/December issue. So get your Comprehensive Guide to Designing and Weaving with Blocks and get unblocked!  


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