Architectural Applications in Textiles

Nothing says "Welcome" like a handsome rug, so artist and teacher Seyed Alavi has thrown out the welcome mat to travellers at the Sacramento Airport. Alavi's public art installation "Flying Carpet" gives visitors the sense of flying over the landscape as they walk over an aerial view of the Sacramento River woven into a carpet on the floor of a pedestrian bridge. Alavi points out the symbolism of rivers and bridges that take travellers to new destinations, but also the humorous aspect of a river that runs on top of a bridge.


Textiles find another interesting architectural application in the work of Girli Concrete, a research project in Belfast, Ireland, that aims to create "soft" building surfaces by embedding fabrics into the surface of concrete, both to strengthen and to decorate the material. Their velvet-concrete wall panels must be the envy of every aspiring architect de couture, and the BBC recently covered their creation of a devore velvet concrete dress that also cleans the air as it's worn.

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