Anne Field

The next teacher we’re honoring in our BeWeave It Weaving Teacher series in honor of the Weaving Teacher of the Year contest is the wonderful Anne Field. If you learned to weave or spin in the past twenty years or so, you probably had a little help from one of Anne Field’s many wonderful books. From the Ashford Book of Spinning, published in 1986, to Learn to Weave, published posthumously in 2014, Anne was a prolific author of books and articles. Appropriately for somebody who taught so many people to weave through her own writing, Anne herself learned to weave from a book without photos or clear definitions of terms, but chock full of confusing drawings and diagrams. Somehow she was able to make sense of what she read, took some workshops later on, and used that experience as a lesson in what not to do in her own books. As a result, her books are beloved by fiber folks everywhere whether they are green beginners or wanting to explore new structures such as collapse weave and devore. 

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