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It’s safe to say we love Tom Knisely around here. Variously described as “the best teacher ever” and “a walking hug,” Tom is erudite, generous, huge-hearted, and amazingly fun to be around. He’s also a prolific instructor of video workshops. Whether you are just thinking of weaving, or have been doing this long enough to own several looms, Tom has something to suit your weaving needs.

See Tom in action

Beginning Weaving is just that, and it’s one of the best introductions to the craft you can find. From winding your first warp to finishing your fabric, you’ll feel confident with this step-by-step workshop.

Already own a loom? Learn how to take care of it, and even teach it a few tricks with the The Loom Owner’s Companion. From the beams to the bench, from tying-on to your tie-up, Tom shows how to prepare yourself and your loom for a satisfying, successful weaving experience.

Stuck with a big stash? Understand how to use your yarn to create the fabric you want. In The Weaver’s Yarn Companion, Tom takes you through yarn construction, fiber type, and more. Boldly combine different yarns in the same project, or just identify those mystery yarns you’ve had for 10 years.

If you understand how thread is made, you’ll understand how it behaves.

Linen is a tricky thing, but no match for Tom in Weaving with Linen. While he covers winding bobbins, and warping, and all sorts of weaverly issues, seeing him turn flax plants into linen thread is a treat. Watch it above.

Tom’s forte is rug weaving, and you’ll reap his wisdom in Weave a Good Rug. Learn about the tools and materials you’ll need, along with a variety of weave structures. Plus, you’ll discover a foolproof way to prepare rags for weaving.

Watch a preview of Tom’s workshop

If you’ve woven for a while, the time will come when you want to start designing your own projects. Shockingly titled Designing Handwoven Projects, this final workshop covers modifying and combining drafts, shows how threads and sett work in your cloth, and gives ideas for finding inspiration.

All of Tom’s videos are available as streaming workshops that you can watch anywhere, anytime. Purchase a workshop and you can download the videos and own them forever. Want a deal? Subscribe to Interweave’s online workshops and tackle new techniques without leaving the house. For $9.99 a month, you can binge-watch to your heart’s content. Knit, crochet, spinning, or weave—hone a craft or learn a new one. Watch videos from great instructors, and access and download plenty of supporting material such as charts, diagrams, and patterns. Interact with other students via our chat boards, and post your finished assignments to a shared gallery so that others can see your work.

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