Adventures in Doubleweave

Handweaver Jennifer Moore surveys the Andes
Jennifer surveys the Andes on a
recent adventure in Peru.

Jennifer Moore is an adventurer at heart and in real life. Whether she's sharing her world travels or her inner journey as a weaver, she always has new insights and new tales to tell. So we are fortunate to welcome Jennifer today with her latest report from the fell. – Anita


It’s been a year and a half since both my book The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave was published, and the accompanying DVDs were released by Interweave. Since that time I have been given the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the country teaching workshops on doubleweave.

Spacer 5x5 pixels  Awakening, by Jennifer Moore
   Between workshops Jennifer still
finds time to weave. This silk
and cotton doubleweave wall hanging
is entitled "Awakening." 

At nearly every workshop someone brings in something they have woven in doubleweave to show the class. It is especially fun to return those guild where I had taught a workshop a year or two earlier and see what fantatically creative pieces people have woven since that time.


Rhapsody in Red and Blue II and III by Jennifer Moore Spacer 5x5 pixels
"Rhapsody in Red and Blue II & III"
by Jennifer Moore 

I am always amazed to see the things that people have come up with that I never would have thought of myself. I always knew we've explored only the tip of the iceberg of what is possible in doubleweave. Now I am beginning to see the expansion of those boundaries, and it’s very exciting to watch.


In my own weaving life, I have recently become the proud owner of a new 32-shaft loom and I barely know where to begin – more layers, more complex structures. Should I do 8 blocks of plain weave, 4 blocks of twill, or combinations of all of the above?


As I travel and teach, I jot down new ideas to explore in doubleweave, and I have a list that could probably keep me busy for the rest of my life. I look forward to years of getting to know my new loom and to whatever unexpected surprises lie ahead of me as I continue to explore what doubleweave has to offer.



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