A Weaver Runs Through It

Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia?

If you haven’t it’s a movie based on a that chronicles the true story of a young woman, Julie, who creates a blog where she works her way through Julia Child’s famous cookbook focused on French cooking for the American woman.

It was a very interesting movie but what really intrigued me was the idea of working through a book in order to further your skills of a certain subject. For Julie it was cooking . . . for me it will be weaving on my rigid-heddle loom.

And so, I want to welcome you to this blog that will take you on my journey through Jane Patrick’s The Weaver’s Idea Book.

Now, the movie didn’t spark this idea completely. I have a rigid-heddle loom that doesn’t see as much love as it should. I know I can do great things with it, I just don’t know where to begin.

I also need coasters. It sounds silly but in my entire apartment I have one coaster (a needle pointed mug rug I made in 3rd grade. It was my first cross stitched project so I couldn’t let it go). I don’t know if you are aware, but one coaster just won’t suffice.

So, what better way to fix that than weave some samples based on all the wonderful patterns and drafts that Jane sets out in The Weaver’s Idea Book?

If you don’t have a copy or have seen the book, you should really check it out. Jane goes through everything that a rigid-heddle weaver could want to know. She covers plain-weave, color-and-weave, log cabin, a variety of finger manipulated drafts including pick-up, and even weaving with two-heddles.

If you want, you can even follow along with me. I would love to see what sort of creations you come up with based on this great book.

Here’s what I will be using during this journey:

  • The Weaver’s Idea Book (obviously)
  • A 10” Cricket Loom provided by Schacht Spindle Co. (for everything but the double heddle section, then I will move to a Schacht Flip loom which is kindly being provided by Handwoven’s Anita Osterhaug)
  • Lots of yarn this is a project meant to use up all the scrap yarn I have lying around and wanting a good home

You can follow this adventure on this Weaving Today blog, at the Weaving Today Facebook page, or even on Ravelry. I want this to be a community effort and maybe even see people extend the project to more than just this book. What do you want more practice on? Maybe there is a book waiting for you to weave your way through.



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