A Vacation with Bertha Gray Hayes


When I was growing up, there was no such thing as spring vacation. Because of that, I always daydream about what I would do if I was going on holiday in the spring. Well! My latest make-believe journey began back in early December when cutler070805 posted an overshot runner based on a weaving draft by Bertha Gray Hayes. Liz Good, Spin-Off Assistant Editor, and I jumped up and down with excitement because it was so dang modern looking.

We rushed to the Interweave library and found the book Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes Miniature Overshot Patterns and pretending to be working, we drooled over the many weaving drafts in the book – all on four shafts!

On to mid-December, I learn about the Saunderstown Weaving School which you can read all about in the March/April issue of Handwoven. The school was founded by Norma Smayda who happens to be one of the authors of the Bertha Gray Hayes weaving patterns book.

In the beginning of February, cutler070805 uploads another outrageously awesome overshot photo to the Weaving Today gallery. Let me tell you! Liz recently bought a new four-shaft loom and may christen it with the same Bertha Hayes Trellis weaving draft cutler used on her Supercharged piece. In the meantime, I'm adding to my weaving "to do" list because my looms are currently warped with huck lace. (Did I just stumble upon the upside to chronic insomnia?)

Back to my make-believe vacation! If we could Liz and I would travel to Rhode Island to study with Norma at her school. We would pound on the school door early in the morning and weave until we were booted in the evening. Norma would probably say, "those two are warped!"

Ah, sweet reality! We both have magazines to work on so no spring break for us. However, it turns out that Norma is teaching at John C. Campbell in June, and just maybe … 

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