A Tribute to Iceland and Jane Patrick


Jane Patrick fell in love with weaving when she was an exchange student at the Löngumýri home economics school in Iceland. Textiles have been at the core of life in Iceland for more than 1,100 years. Icelandic textile maker Istex says that “sheep were the key to the nation's survival, providing generations of Icelanders not only with food but also with wool as protection from the biting cold of the harsh northern climate.” Brought from Scandinavia with the first settlers, warp-weighted looms were used to weave fabric for blankets and heavy woolen garments. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, peysuföt, heavy woolen folk costumes, protected Icelandic women from the cold. 

In honor of Jane and a millennium of Icelandic weavers, and for your web-surfing pleasure, here’s an Icelandic fairy tale in which the skillful weaver, naturally, lives happily every after.

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