A Slice of History

Here's a slice of Interweave history from Linda Ligon: "A Weaver's Book of Eight-Shaft Patterns actually had two extraordinary editors. One was Carol Strickler, who was phoning in proof corrections even while she was in the hospital receiving transfusions for her terminal cancer. (That is a downer.) The other one was Yetzen Li, a lovely woman from Beijing who interned at Interweave for a year. Yetzen had been a textile designer in the Chinese silk industry before the Cultural Revolution, during which she was confined to her apartment for two years. She used the time to teach herself English, and after which she had to apologize to the government for being a designer. She also had been a textile scholar in graduate school, studying ancient textiles of the Western province.

  Yetzen Li, co-editor of A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns  

Yetzen Li, co-editor of A
Weaver's Book of
8-Shaft Patterns



This book was Yetzen's special project: she created all the drafts, managed the photography, and did a lot of tech editing. It was more than a full year’s work. She was only supposed to stay a year, but she overshot the schedule because she wanted to earn enough money to help send her son to school in the US after she returned. I could tell a ton of stories about Yetzen, but that’s for another day."

–– Linda

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