A New eBook: Handwoven Bags!

Handwoven market bag by Margaret Gaynes   

Shopping's a treat with this
market bag by Margaret Gaynes

Handwoven seersucker cosmetic bag and slippers by Barbara Eychaner  

Pamper yourself with Barbara

Eychaner's seersucker cosmetic bag
and matching slippers


A handwoven bag is truly one-of-a-kind; you can’t buy one like it anywhere. Weaving the fabric for a bag is  your chance to acquire and show off your weaving and designing skills as well as make something you can really use.  Bags can be woven in almost any weave structure, using almost any yarns in any colors. Bags require only small amounts of fabric (they are quick to weave!) and only the most basic sewing skills. And, you can never have too many bags.

The new Best of Handwoven collection
Baker's Dozen: 13 Handwoven Bags will help you make just the bag you need for any occasion: You’ll find bag sizes from large totes for carrying groceries or weaving supplies to small luxury evening bags with sequined, pile, or silky surfaces. You can choose to weave a briefcase, diaper bag, purse organizer, envelope for storing fine lingerie, cosmetic bag, carry-all, eyeglasses case, and more.

Not only will these projects give you bags you’ll love to use, but you’ll also learn some new techniques—this eBook features some of the most unusual ways there are for creating pattern and texture: Jane Patrick’s silk velvet evening bag will teach you how to create weft pile. Follow Nancy Hoskins’s instructions for weaving boundweave on opposites for a richly colored clutch. Alison Irwin’s doubleweave pick-up produces the shoulder bag on the cover.  A cosmetic bag and matching slippers by Barbara Eychaner use a ripply seersucker fabric (and you won’t need a separate warp beam to weave it).  Margaret Gaynes gives instructions for creating ikat stripes that are as easy as chaining the warp from the warping board. Sigrid Piroch’s sparkling evening bags are made by stuffing doubleweave pockets with sequins. And more!

   Handwoven boundweave clutch by Nancy Hoskins
  Nancy Hoskins' boundweave clutch
will complement any outfit

All eBook projects have been updated from their original publication. If you haven’t used a Best of Handwoven eBook before, start with this one and you’ll be hooked. It’s really great to be able to see the photos closeup on your computer screen and print out copies of the project instructions to take with you to your loom. And if you like this eBook, you'll want to check out the whole Best of Handwoven eBook collection.


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