A Mixed Bag of Supplementary Wefts and Ikat

This started as an experiment in adding strips of warp patterned with ikat technique to a wider warp. I got a little bored weaving just the black and terrcotta plain-weave panel and so added in some motifs woven with supplementary wefts. The motifs are from a textile from Bhutan in a friend's collection. 

Then I decided that this small panel of cloth really needed to be something and the bag idea was born. All the pieces were woven on my backstrap loom…a plain black panel of the same size as the ikat one for the back of the bag, a strap, and a flap which folds over the top. The only cutting I had to do was to shape the flap. I split the warp to form a button hole and worked a supplementary weft motif around it. I added a tubular woven band to the edge of the flap to stabilize the raw edge.

I have always been a bit of a "clutz" with a sewing needle and so I am really quite pleased with the way this has turned out. I love handsewing…very relaxing.

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