A Harvest of Weaving Bites

The harvest season is upon us, so today we bring you a cornucopia of food-related weaving “bites” sent by our friend Pattie Graver, and also news of a good cause (because “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”). 

The second tidbit reminds me of George Washington, who stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni. In this case, two Dutch designers stick pasta plus plastic straws, pine cones, and other strange objects on the floor and call them carpets. Weird as it sounds, the “carpets” are beautiful, and the illusion of weaving is good enough that exhibit-goers actually walked on one recently. (Sadly, the pasta did not survive.)


Now here’s your chance to sow some good for less fortunate weavers. The good folks at nonprofit organization GoodWeave USA have just announced their 10th annual rug raffle. You can enter to win a luxurious rug, designed and donated by New York-based Carini Lang and certified child-labor-free, and all proceeds benefit Goodweave’s work to end the exploitation of children in South Asia’s rug industry. But hurry! Assistant editor Christina is coveting the rug and I think she’s already buying tickets.

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