A Fleece-Lover's Kind of Party

There’s weaving for pleasure, weaving for clothing, and weaving for warmth, and Norman Kennedy does all three. His video From Wool to Waulking (40% off until June 7) begins with a fleece and ends with a group of experienced friends sitting around a long table, pounding cloth and joining in as Norman sings traditional songs. It’s a spinning video, but I don’t know of any other place for a weaver to watch a certified national treasure* finish the yardage for a pair of wedding blankets, pull it off the loom, and complete it in a traditional finishing party. (Bonus: The video includes Norman’s advice on traditional indigo dyeing.) 

* Norman was awarded the National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship in 2003 for weaving, singing, and storytelling, all of which he shows off in this video.


Anne Merrow
Editor, Spin-Off Magazine

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