A "Delicate" Industry

To go along with Linda’s innovative Stash Busting strategy, this week's BeWeave It—while not about weaving—shows how Polish lacemakers have taken their traditional textile work in a very similar direction. The village of Koniaków, Poland has been known for its lace for over 150 years. Unfortunately, in recent years there has been a decline in demand for traditional lace table cloths and doilies. Rather than see this art die out, some of the younger lacemakers came up with a creative solution: they turned to creating lace “delicates” for women and sold them to tourists and then later used the internet to sell to customers from around the world. This creative take on lacemaking both revitalized the Koniakówan lace industry and divided the town. Regardless of critics, production has only grown and even the Polish government’s official website boasts about this now world renowned "delicate" industry.

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