A Cotton Fundraiser

Brown Cotton Bolls

Some of Sally's naturally-pigmented
organic cotton

Last year, we wrote a BeWeave It about the history of naturally pigmented cotton, the beautiful red, green, and similarly hued bolls first cultivated by centuries ago in the Andes only to nearly face extinction in the twentieth century. One of the biggest forces for keeping these unique and vibrant cottons alive recently has been Sally Fox.

Sally began selectively breeding naturally pigmented cottons in the 1980s and eventually developed two strains of colorful cotton with long, spinnable fiber staples. For the last few decades, Sally has been selling her beautiful naturally colored cotton fibers and yarns. Now, she wants to start up her breeding program again, but she needs some help.

If you’re interested in helping Sally get her breeding program up and running again, there’s an easy way you can get involved. Sally is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for getting her equipment running and to pay her weeding crew (Sally’s crops are all organically grown). You can donate as little as $1, and there are different perks for various donation amounts available in limited quantities. So you can not only feel good about giving money to help keep naturally pigmented cottons alive and well, you can also get some socks or a skein of yarn for your efforts.

More information on Sally, her story, and her colorful cottons can be found on her website.

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