A Celebration of Life

We’ve written here in the past about the good work being done by the organization GoodWeave, as its members fight to end child labor in the rug weaving industry around the world. Since the launch of GoodWeave in 1995 it’s estimated that the number of child laborers in the South Asian rug industry dropped from 1 million to around 250,000.

While much of GoodWeave’s work is done on the ground in South Asia, through loom inspections and rescue, it’s still necessary to educate the consumer about the plight of child labor and why it needs to end. For that they turned to photographer U. Umberto “Robin” Romano.

Robin’s photography, which can be seen here and here, poignantly captured the pain and sorrow of the children in the factories as well as the obvious joy of the children rescued by GoodWeave. Robin’s work to end child labor and slavery went beyond the weaving industry and included photo essays and documentaries about the plight of children in U.S. agriculture and the African chocolate industry.

Sadly, Robin passed away in November. In his memory GoodWeave and members of the Child Labor Coalition are hosting an evening to remember Robin and his work. The event is open to anyone who wishes to attend and will be held February 13 from 5:30–7:30 pm at the National Education Association in Washington, DC. Anyone interested in attending can RSVP at this website

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