A Call For Help

As you may have heard on the news, this summer Colorado has been plagued by devastating fires. Tens of thousands of acres have been burnt, and hundreds of homes have been destroyed. I am writing this from Loveland, Colorado, miles from where the High Park fire burned out of control for days. It came within three miles of my home, but I was lucky. Others were not.

One of those was a weaver named Nancy. She wrote to us saying, “The Waldo Canyon fire destroyed everything, along with Geechy the cat. I am devastated.” She then asked us if we knew of anyone in the area with a used Schacht 8/10 36" or 4/6 26" loom they wanted like to sell at a reasonable price. I personally don’t but I’m hoping one of you might. If anyone knows of such a loom for sale, please contact Nancy at Unwoven@msn.com. The photos in this post are of her studio, before and after the fire and in them you can see the level of destruction.

I also know that Nancy isn’t the only person or even the only weaver who lost everything in these horrible fires. Even if you can’t help Nancy with her loom, you can help others by donating to the American Red Cross or another reputable aid organization.

One of the best parts about being a weaver is the sense of community that comes with our craft. We help and support one another in both good times and bad. I am proud to consider myself part of the community and I want to thank you all so much in advance for any help you can provide.

 Christina Garton


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