Pool-Inspired Towels

Weaving inspiration can come from anywhere as Connie Westbrook shows in her Pool-Inspired Towels that she based on the tiles in the pool at the recreation center where she swims laps. The 8-shaft turned twill pattern uses white, blue and grey to mimic the lanes in a public pool and also the tiling around the edges. Weave your way back to the gym with these 3 towels with 2 treadling variations! —Susan

pool-inspired towel

Structure: Twill.

Equipment: 8-shaft loom, 24″ weaving width; 12- dent reed; 1 boat shuttle, 2 bobbins.

Yarns: 8/2 unmercerized cotton (3,360 yd/lb; Brassard et Fils).

Sett: 24 epi

Woven length (measured under tension on the loom): 94″.

Finished size after washing and hemming: 3 towels 20″ x 27″.

CONNIE WESTBROOK is always surprised by where her fiber journey takes her. There is no predicting where the creativity may come from or where it will lead.

Featured Image: Connie Westbrook’s clever towels mimic the blue and white tiles that line her local pool.

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