Learning to Weave: 6 Rigid-Heddle Resources You Need

I recently wrote about the top 5 videos I’d recommend for anyone who wants to learn to weave on a multishaft loom. As often happens after writing those sorts of posts, I was asked, “What about rigid-heddle resources for loom weavers?”

I did some thinking, and I realized that putting together a list of the best resources for anyone wanting to learn how to weave on a rigid-heddle loom was almost too easy. If anything, there are too many good videos and books out there!

Of course putting together a list of the top 27 rigid-heddle videos and books you absolutely must have isn’t really that useful, so I carefully narrowed down my choices to 6. Unlike in the multishaft weaving list, I also included both eBooks and videos because the hand-manipulation techniques rigid-heddle weavers love are sometimes better conveyed in photographs and drawings.

The resources on this list will teach you not only how to weave on a rigid-heddle loom but also how to design, how to use 2 heddles, and how to weave more efficiently. This list is designed to grow with the weaver; in theory, with these resources, you could go from not knowing your weft from your warp to being a fairly advanced rigid-heddle weaver. So without further ado, the top 6 weaving resources you need if you’re going to learn to weave on a rigid-heddle loom:

1. Weaving Made Easy by Liz Gipson

This is the eBook that will teach you how to weave on your rigid-heddle loom. With it, you’ll learn all the parts of your loom, how to get it set up and ready to weave, and all the other basics. It also includes a selection of beginner-friendly projects, so you can get started weaving right away.

2. Slots and Holes with Liz Gipson

Next up, we’re going to focus on warping. With rigid-heddle weaving, there are 3 basic warping techniques: direct (using a warping peg), indirect (on a warping board), and double-heddle. In Slots and Holes, Liz shows you how to do each one and explains when you’d want to use them and why. Watch this video, take notes, and you’ll be able to warp without fear no matter the project.

Learn tips and tricks to make your weaving life easier like this clever measuring hack from Liz Gipson.]

Learn tips and tricks to make your weaving life easier like this clever measuring hack from Liz Gipson.]

3. The Weaver’s Idea Book by Jane Patrick

Now that you’ve got warping down and you know how to weave, it’s time to learn how to design. Multishaft weavers have books of drafts, and rigid-heddle weavers have The Weaver’s Idea Book. In it, Jane demonstrates the many ways we can use the rigid-heddle loom to create not only patterns but also textures. You’ll learn color-and-weave, pick-up, hand-manipulated lace, and knotting techniques such as rya. This book doesn’t teach you how to weave, it teaches you how to create.

4. Best of Handwoven: New Technique Series: Rigid-Heddle Pattern Book 1 by Betty Linn Davenport

The title is a bit of a mouthful, but this eBook is exceptional. It features the best of the best Handwoven projects and articles by rigid-heddle weaving pioneer Betty Linn Davenport. You’ll learn how to use multiple pick-up sticks in a project, how to weave with 2 heddles, and more.

5. Life after Warping with Liz Gipson

Liz Gipson’s weaving philosophy is to “weave more and fuss less,” and this video aims to teach you how to do just that. In it, she shows you all her tips and tricks that will make weaving more enjoyable. You’ll learn how to best wind a stick shuttle, how to measure your weaving with less fiddling, and how to get tidier selvedges. With her advice, you’ll be able to focus more on what you love: weaving.

6. Twice as Nice with Liz Gipson

The last stage of rigid-heddle weaving for most folks is learning to weave with 2 heddles. Weaving with 2 heddles not only gives you a whole new world of design possibilities, but it also lets you use thinner yarns, so you can weave finer fabrics. The possibilities really are endless!

There you have it! If you want to learn the basics and then become a proficient rigid-heddle loom weaver, these are the resources you really should have. I’m also happy to say that they’re available as our Ultimate Rigid-Heddle Bundle, so you can get all the resources you need in one place.

Happy Weaving!

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  1. Julia W at 8:37 am February 9, 2018

    Many thanks for the Rigid-Heddle guidance. I already have all six of these resources but I would love to see your full list of 27 videos, books etc. for future reference. Would it be possible to tack that list onto the end of this article? Thanks!

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