6 Books That Will Make You A Better Weaver

My assignment: write a blog post about my favorite weaving book.  After over 20 years of collecting books on all things fiber—how do I pick a favorite weaving book?  


I decided to pull out the books that I use most often. Scanning my bookshelves, I found several books that I’d forgotten about and browsed through those as well. That was fun, and very distracting. I was no closer to picking a favorite, but I do have several ideas for new textiles to put on the loom! 


I decided there are too many great books in my collection to pick just one, so I am breaking the “pick a favorite rule” and picking several for different reasons.


  • Rigid Heddle: The Weaver's Idea Book by Jane Patrick. Not only are there great illustrations, photos, and step by step instructions (to help me get past the brain blocks), but lots of ideas to get the creative juices flowing.
  • Color: Without a doubt, Color Works by Deb Menz is my favorite book on color. This was the book where the lightbulb finally went on about understanding color value. 
  • Quick Reference:  The Weaver’s Companion by Handwoven Magazine should be in every weaver’s library. A little book with a ton of quick references including sett/yarn size, warp calculations, proportion, reed substitution, troubleshooting, and finishes. 
  • Research: Mastering Weave Structures by Sharon Alderman. This book is a treasure trove for those who want to explore weave structures.  
  • Doubleweave: The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave by Jennifer Moore. I have several doubleweave books in my library, but this one I use all the time.  
  • 8-Shaft: A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns edited by Carol Strickler. If you have an 8- shaft loom or are thinking about getting one, get this book. 


As I browsed through my very full bookcases, I thought, “E-books sure are a space saver!” But that’s another story.


Happy Weaving!


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