A Summer Picnic Daydream for Four Shafts

For many of us, summer’s busy schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for weaving. But it’s a wonderful season for daydreaming! Lately, I personally have been thinking about weaving more than I’ve actually been weaving. To be more accurate, I’ve been dreaming of having completed handwoven pieces to use and show off. I’ve been working away at a snail’s pace on a rigid-heddle project, but with the completion of my first four-shaft piece a few weeks ago, I’m left with more daydreams than I have time to weave into reality.

In particular, I’ve been dreaming of a summer picnic. And I don’t mean a picnic with wet, grass-stained behinds and food served out of Tupperware (the way most of my picnics shape up, I’m sad to say). I’m talking about a caliber of picnic most of us don’t get to experience in our lifetimes, with abundant gourmet food, elegant dishware, and, of course, handwoven details to make it truly elegant.

4 Shaft Weaving Patterns Perfect for a Summer Picnic

I’m envisioning a thick, soft blanket to spread on the ground and keep those grass stains at bay. Because of that grass-stain potential, it certainly couldn’t be a white blanket, although that would look so beautiful. I’d love to weave one like Leslie Voiers’ “Caribbean Blues Blanket” that looks appropriately summery with its bright flecks of color, but that’s at a little less risk of getting stained. If you’d like to pick out a picnic blanket to start weaving for yourself, the Best of Handwoven: Top Ten Blankets and Throws on Four Shafts eBook has a bunch of 4 shaft weaving patterns for blankets that would be really cute.

There are so many fun 4 shaft weaving patterns for dishtowels, including this set of huck lace dish towels.

“Huck Towels on Three Shafts” from Best of Handwoven: Top Ten Dish Towels on Four Shafts

Then of course I need set of towels. I can perfectly imagine the gorgeous “Huck Towels on Three Shafts” from Best of Handwoven: Top Ten Dish Towels on Four Shafts wrapped around a loaf of home-baked bread, and that delicate blue color is just like a breath of fresh air. It’s hard to believe that such lovely huck lace squares and stripes can be woven on only three shafts! There are tons of other wonderfully summery towels in that collection, including a set of white linen towels, also in huck lace, that look suited to the most elegant of tea parties.

These gorgeous linen scarves are just one of the 4 shaft weaving projects in this eBook! Learn how to weave a scarf that looks too pretty to be woven on four shafts!

“Silk Scarves in Huck and Bronson Lace” from Best of Handwoven: Scarves on Four Shafts

Then there’s the question of apparel. Call me crazy, but I like to wear a scarf over my shoulders when I’m outside in the summer. I sunburn extremely easily, and a nice light-colored scarf goes a long way towards protecting me from those rays. I’ve been coveting a lovely silk scarf like the ones you can see at right from Best of Handwoven: Scarves on Four Shafts eBook. These scarves are woven in huck and bronson lace, for a nice airy fabric that I don’t think would be too oppressive in the summer. With a nice sundress and a big hat, I’ll be all set to inhabit this fantasy picnic.

All of these projects are 4 shaft weaving patterns, which means they’re theoretically within my grasp…if I could just find the time! If you’re looking for 4 shaft weaving patterns and inspiration, I highly recommend taking a look at Best of Handwoven’s 4-shaft pattern collections to see what strikes your fancy.


P.S. What’s been occupying your weaving daydreams on these summer days? Let me know in the comments!

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