Dunlap Tartan Stole

If your family doesn’t have a tartan of its own, have no fear; you can weave the Dunlap Tartan Stole based on Nancy Dunlap’s interpretation of her husband’s family’s tartan. She worked out the details for you, so you can use the colors she used or colors of your own choosing in the 4-shaft draft.—Susan


Structure: Twill.

Equipment: 4-shaft loom, 28″ weaving width; 12- dent reed; 1 shuttle and 4 bobbins.

Yarns: 16/2 wool (4,400 yd/lb, Camilla Valley Farm).

Sett: 36 epi

Woven length (measured under tension on the loom): 84”

Finished size, after washing and hemming: 25½” x 78″ with 6″ fringe.

Featured Image: Nancy Dunlap used the Dunlap family tartan as the basis for her cozy stole, but you can easily adapt her pattern to fit your own family tartan if you wish.

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