3 Books to Help the Beginning Weaver

So you’re learning how to weave. Perhaps you have a friend or relative teaching you, or maybe you’re taking a class at your local yarn store. Whatever the case, congratulations to you, and welcome to the fold (pun intended). Weaving is a timeless craft that you’ll absolutely fall in love with. As you “pick up” (another weaving pun, sorry) the basics, you’ll find that becoming a weaver can be both exciting and, well, to be honest, a little frustrating at times. But don’t fret! We were all beginning weavers once, and with the help of these 3 books, you’ll be a confident and proficient weaver in no time!

Next Steps in Weaving
The title of this book might make this sound obvious, but Next Steps in Weaving from Pattie Graver is a must-have for beginning weavers looking to expand their knowledge. Not only can you refer to this book for the basics of weaving, but you’ll find in-depth explorations into weave structures that will help to bolster your understanding of the craft.

beginning weavers

Projects from Next Steps in Weaving. Images courtesy of Joe Coca.

Handwoven Home
Are you learning how to weave using a rigid-heddle loom? Handwoven Home is full of helpful tips, tricks, and techniques for the new rigid-heddle weaver. This is the perfect resource for beginners who are ready to move past sampling and on to contemporary projects they can fill their homes with.

beginning weavers

Projects from Handwoven Home. Images courtesy of Dan Cronin.

DIY Woven Art
Tapestry weaving is a trend that looks like it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and why should it? It’s an accessible and often portable way for beginning weavers to start exploring the craft. With DIY Woven Art, you’ll learn the basics and more advanced aspects of tapestry weaving. You’ll love how quickly this book will help you transition from beginning weaver to confident designer of tapestry patterns.

beginning weavers

Projects from DIY Woven Art. Images courtesy of Rachel Denbow and Janae Hardy.

I hope you continue to learn and grow as a weaver. I’d wish you luck, but with these weaving books in your library, you’ll hardly need it!

Happy weaving!

Your loom is calling!

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