2018: The Year of Purple Weaving

As you may know, Pantone recently announced Ultra Violet as their color of the year for 2018. This is the first purely purple hue awarded the coveted title since Pantone began naming colors of the year in 2000 and frankly, I’m surprised it took them so long to recognize a purple. (Some of you might say that the 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid, was also a purple; I would argue it was more of a glorified pink.)

The color purple has a long and illustrious history. Purple was long considered the color of royalty in many different cultures. First discovered by the Minoans of Ancient Crete, Tyrian purple became sought after because it was rare and therefore very expensive. Why? Because it came from the mucus secretions of a predatory snail called the murex. Okay, so while the original source of purple dye is definitely not glamorous, the color has long been associated with prestige, from the emperors of Rome to Prince himself. (And today, we can get our purple dyes free from cruelty to snails!)

I personally love purple, and I think in many ways it’s the ideal hue. Its mix of red and blue makes it the only color that fits equally well on both warm and cool palettes. For that same reason, it also looks good on just about everyone, because it won’t wash you out or make you look too red. Purple is for everyone!

In celebration of 2018 as The Year of Purple, here are a few of my favorite purple projects from Handwoven. Now, they aren’t all Ultra Violet, but they are all various shades of purple, and in many cases you could easily sub in some Ultra Violet for the purples, plums, aubergines, grape jellies, and other varieties of violets used by the original designers.

purple weaving

Bertha’s Towels by Pattie Graver.

Weave Something to Wear

This 8-shaft Mobius scarf is woven from beautiful shimmering silk in delicate-looking Awater Bronson lace. If you want to drape yourself in purple like the emperors of ancient Rome, the Luscious Lace Mobius from the January/February 2017 issue is the project for you.

Weave Something for the Table

If just one shade of purple isn’t going to do it for you, the Wearing Purple Crackle Runner from Handwoven November/December 2016 uses three shades of purple combined with a bit of black, garnet, and red to create even more purple hues as the colors mix and mingle in warp and weft. Woven using just 4-shafts, this gorgeous runner will look stunning on your dining room table, a dresser, or anywhere else you want to put it.

Weave Something for the Kitchen

These 4-shaft huck towels from Rosalie Neilson and her “Tales and Towels of Huck” give you a chance to play with color as well as structure. Found in the eBook Best of Handwoven: Yarn Series—A Dozen Projects in 8/2 Cotton, the project gives you plenty of options for treadling so you can make all the towels the same or try something new on each one. Best of all, you’ll end up with a set of supersoft and super-absorbent towels to keep you company in the kitchen.

Something for Show

If you want to weave a showstopping project that is sure to impress, look no further than Bertha’s Towels. A beautiful violet background is the perfect canvas for vibrant blue and green miniature overshot. Just 4 shafts and fun to weave, this project will impress your friends and family and look good wherever you decide to display it.

Happy (Purple) Weaving

Featured Image: From left to right, the Luscious Lace Mobius, the Wearing Purple Crackle Runner, and Rosalie Neilson’s huck towels.

Start your purple weaving today!


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