I made 2,000 bookmarks for a company in TX.  You can see the process here on my blog!  It took about 3 months!  I used 12/2 cotton, and threaded my loom with about 10 different will patterns. I tried 9 different tie-ups for 8-shaft twill, and tromped as writ. More info on my blog!  It was fun to experiment with so many different colors and patterns!  It was almost like a twill and color gamp project.

I also made 2 movies all about weaving, featuring these bookmarks here and here!

I sewed all the edges with my sewing machine using a very tiny stitch.  They seem to hold up just fine!

My favorite bookmark:

These make great gifts and they are easy to send in a card!  My mom is planning on using some of my extras in her Christmas cards this year.

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