Your Yarn in Action! Cellulose and Protein!

Each time we challenge you to spin a particular type of yarn for our Your Yarns challenge in Spin-Off magazine, we save the yarns that are submitted and have appeared in the magazine. We invite individuals or organizations to make things with the yarn, then we auction the items made through eBay's giving works program and donate the amount of the winning bid to a fibery charity. This is Your Yarn in Action. If you're interested in making items for Your Yarns in Action, please contact me at

About the Auction
The eBay auction of this project was held March 27–April 6, 2006, to benefit the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF). CERF provides emergency relief assistance, professional and business development support, and resources to craft artists. CERF was founded in 1985 by Carol Sedestrom Ross, Marilyn Dintenfass, and Josh Simpson in an effort to formalize and build on the generosity they had experienced within the craft community. In 1987 CERF began making loans and since then, the organization has helped more than 400 professional craft artists with over $650,000 in financial assistance, and about $200,000 in donated services. For more information on CERF, visit  
A Note from CERF:
On behalf of the Board of the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF), we want to thank you for organizing an event that raised $87.09 for our Disaster Relief Fund. Your support makes possible our quick and effective response to many craft artists severely impacted by emergencies such as devastating hurricanes.

Thanks to your support, CERF is able to help craft artists move from crisis to recovery. Your support provides them with hope, a sense of community and encouragement to return to their work. Thank you for the effort and time you devoted to making a benefit event for CERF happen.

 About the Fingerless Mitts
Amanda Berka, Spin-Off’s assistant editor, used yarns featured in the Your Yarn! Cellulose and Protein! department in the Summer 2005 issue of Spin-Off for these mitts.  Seventeen spinners created the yarns knitted into these colorful fingerless mitts. Fibers used were alpaca, Angelina, bamboo, cotton, Corriedale, flax, hemp, Ingeo, metallic thread, Merino, mohair, Romeldale, Romney, silk, Soy Silk, Teeswater, and Tencel. Each length of yarn was first cut into two lengths, for a left and a right mitt. The matching mitts were knitted seamlessly with openings for thumbs on U.S. size 7 birch double-pointed needles.

About the Yarns
Yarns used in the fingerless mitts were spun by:

Joy Buck
Crystal Canning
Sandra Carneal
Betty Clarkson
Lyn Corey
Fiona Davis
Marjory Day
Kay Elsbree
Veryl Ann Grace
Pamela Henderson
Carrie Johns
Deb Jung
Mary Lessman
Karen Estock McCann
Janet McLain
Sylvia Sachs
Rosemary Villani

Yarns from twelve other spinners featured in the Summer 2005 issue were previously used to make wristlets auctioned to benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Of the total $3,200 raised by Interweave Press through the online auction, $52 came from the sale of the wristlets.

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