Your Yarn in Action! Canine Yarns!

Each time we challenge you to spin a particular type of yarn for our Your Yarns challenge in Spin-Off magazine, we save the yarns that are submitted and have appeared in the magazine. We invite individuals or organizations to make things with the yarn, then we auction the items made through eBay's giving works program and donate the amount of the winning bid to a fibery charity. This is Your Yarn in Action. If you're interested in making items for Your Yarns in Action, please contact me at [email protected].

About the Projects & Auction Recipients

Residents of Kimberton Hills in Chester County, Pennsylvania took on the challenge to work with the Your Yarn! Canine Yarns! created by Spin-Off readers. The residents created the four projects for the auction. Camphill supports community living that values the contributions of all community participants without regard to their financial assets, or their intellectual or physical capabilities. To learn more about Camphill communities or the Kimberton Hills community, visit or or call (610) 935-0300.

From the Winning Bidder

Dear Spin-Off,

I am so pleased to have won the "Your Yarn! Canine Yarn!" auction supporting the Kimberton Hills Community. The gloves and clutch arrived today and they are more lovely than expected.

The gloves are exceedingly soft and warm. The clever arrangement of colors allows the versatility of wearing them with either dark or light sides showing; an unexpected surprise. The garter stitch sideways pattern is remarkably stretchy in all the right places to fit perfectly. They'll be fun to wear this winter.

The coordinating clutch is beautifully woven and finished. The stamped "doggie paw" lining is certain to evoke a smile each time it is opened.

Thank you for sponsoring this event. I was unaware that a Camphill community was so close to my home and look forward to visiting there soon.



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