Your Yarn in Action! Beaded Yarns!

Each time we challenge you to spin a particular type of yarn for our Your Yarns challenge in Spin-Off magazine, we save the yarns that are submitted and have appeared in the magazine. We invite individuals or organizations to make things with the yarn, then we auction the items made through eBay's giving works program and donate the amount of the winning bid to a fibery charity. This is Your Yarn in Action. If you're interested in making items for Your Yarns in Action, please contact me at

Thank You!
This auction raised $250.48 for the American Textile History Museum

A note from the winning bidder, K. Hayes: "I received the Tapestry Box purse today…it's absolutely beautiful and incredibly inspiring. I can't wait to make more beaded yarns of my own! Thanks so much for this great opportunity. I look forward to seeing more Interweave auctions!"

A Note from the Artist

Joanna Gleason wove the beaded yarns featured in the Spring 2005 Your Yarn! department into a beautiful soumak tapestry purse, titled Tapestry Box.1. Gleason comments, “Inasmuch as no one knew what would become of their beaded yarns, it’s a testament to us all that such a wide variety of yarn weights, plies (or lack there of), tiny beads, medium beads, and great big beads could be worked into ‘something.’ I used every yarn featured, slightly moving the beads to guarantee they all made it to the face of the weaving. I hope that those who spent their time and energies in the spinning of the beaded yarns are satisfied and gratified by their use in the weaving.” 
About the American Textile History Museum

The American Textile History Museum, beneficiary of this auction, is an independently operated not-for-profit institution that depends on private support. Originally founded in 1960 as Merrimack Valley Textile Museum in North Andover, Massachusetts, the American Textile History Museum is now housed in the historic 150,000-square-foot Kitson Manufacturing Company building in Lowell, Massachusetts. The museum’s mission is to tell America’s story through textiles with a collection that spans topics in textile art, factory architecture, textile production, technological invention, labor history, industrial organization and everyday life in mill towns. Museum President Michael J. Smith points out that “the record of fibers and textiles in the United States opens new insights into our history. We are pleased and proud to preserve this record in our institution and tell this wonderful story.” Currently, the museum is embarking on a cost-cutting and endowment-building program. “The first step is a proposed sale of our building in historic downtown Lowell with provisions for leasing back the space used for exhibitions, educational programming, and collections storage,” says Smith.

A note from the American Textile History Museum:

Thank you and your generous readers for the donation to the American Textile History Museum. We are very gratified to know that you all responded to the auction with such interest and enthusiasm. The funds will aid in our efforts to serve the public, most especially our dear friends in the fiber arts community.


A detail of the Your Yarn Tapestry Box 1.

About the Yarns

More than 50 Spin-Off readers donated the beaded yarn for this beautiful handwoven purse. 

Yarns were donated by:

Selah Barling
Peggy Ann Bass
Jean Betts
Betty Bingham
Richard Blanck
Lexi Boeger
Roxanne Brazell
Kathryn Burkholder
Crystal Canning
Laura Chinn-Smoot
Betty Clarkson
Linda Condon
Donna Jo Copeland
Kathleen Foto
Jutta Frankie
Judy Gilchrist
Lillian Goldberg
Jennifer Haman
Pamela Henderson
Margaret Jaeger
Suzanne Jones
Donna Kaplan
Cheryl Kruizenga
Amy Kuhlmann
Missy Larios
Janet Leatherdale
Mary Lessman
Deidra MacKimmie
Kathy Maire
Darcy Maloney
Roseann Mauroni
Karen Estock McCann
Desiree Merone
Sharon Neth
Lelah Jones Olender
Sandy Parkinson
Linda Partsch
Kris Peters
Judith Phillips
Rebecca Pounds
Bonnie Powell
Sandra Richards
Alicia Santiago
Kim Schiffmacker
Angela Schneider
Colleen Simon
Toni Strassburg-Pearce
Willard Taylor
Sarah Thompson
Rosemary Tobin
Fiona Vincent
Nancy Wilson
Misty Youmans

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