Your Yarns: Spin Local from Spin Off Fall 2017

Inspired by our Spin Off Winter 2017 “Local” issue, we asked readers to send Your Yarns from their fibershed. We received a tremendous response from spinners in North America and as far away as Spain and Sweden—more yarns than we could feature in the Fall 2017 issue! Check out these yarns from your neighbors and spinners thousands of miles away.

Spin Off Your Yarns Feature - From Canada, Spain, and Sweden


Charlene Quevillon of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Icelandic-Romney cross (black) and Texel fleece (white)
1. 2-ply, 8 wpi, about 422 ypp (black)
2. 2-ply, 7 wpi, about 440 ypp (white)


Birte Kurth of San Sebastian, Spain
Manech (or Laxta) fleece
3. 2-ply, 5 wpi, about 220 ypp


Irene Andersson of Ljungskile, Sweden
Local Rya fleece
4. 3-ply, 15 wpi, about 538 ypp

Spin Off Your Yarns Feature - From Alaska, California, and Illinois

United States


Carol Johnson of Wasilla, Alaska
Pygora fleece
5. 2-ply, 12 wpi, about 970 ypp


Anne Shyjan of San Rafael, California
Corriedale cross from Windrush Farms, Petaluma, California
6. 2-ply, 8 wpi, about 686 ypp


Stefanie Johnson of Blandinsville, Illinois (mother of Samantha)
Samantha Johnson of Blandinsville, Illinois (10 years old)
Fiber from their pet French angora rabbit
7. 2-ply, 8 wpi, about 848 ypp
8. 2-ply, 4 wpi, about 274 ypp

Spin Off Your Yarns Feature - From Massachusetts and Michigan


Elizabeth Newton of South Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Cotswold from Case Mill Farm of Westport, Massachusetts
9. 2-ply, 8wpi, about 600 ypp

Sally Bond of Acton, Massachusetts
Llama from a nursing home in Massachusetts
10. 2-ply, 15 wpi, about 725 ypp (white)
11. 2-ply, 15 wpi, about 1,024 ypp (brown)
12. 2-ply, 14 wpi, about 691 ypp (dk brown)


Betsy Erickson of Tustin, Michigan
Icelandic cross from her own flock
13. 2-ply, 12 wpi, about 650 ypp

Spin Off Your Yarns Feature - From Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, and Nevada


Kate Hanna of Saint Paul, Minnesota
Cormo (white) and CVM (brown) purchased at Shepherd’s Harvest Festival
14. 2-ply, 12 wpi, about 1,280 ypp


Judie Overbeek of Kalispell, Montana
Rocky Mountain goat fiber (wild cashmere) from near Glacier National Park, Montana
15. 2-ply, 20 wpi, about 2,388 ypp


Amy Hineline of South Sioux City, Nebraska
Columbia from Northridge Farms Columbias of Omaha, Nebraska
16. 3-ply, 7 wpi, about 288 ypp


Sheree Ashapa of Minden, Nevada
Icelandic from Bitterbrush Icelandic Sheep of Carson Valley, Nevada
17. thel: 2-ply, 11 wpi, about 380 ypp (lt gray)
18. thel and tog: 2-ply, about 20 wpi, 1,025 ypp (med gray)
19. tog: 2-ply, 12 wpi, about 600 ypp (dk gray)

Spin Off Your Yarns Feature - From New York and Pennsylvania

New York

Dale Jackson of Waterloo, New York
Pet fur from Sophia, the family dog (lt gray), and Romney (dk brown) from Nevada, Missouri
20. 2-ply, 8wpi, about 850 ypp (lt gray)
21. 2-ply, 5 wpi, about 450ypp (dk brown)

Christine Sitterly of Colonie, NY
Local Romney/Shetland cross (gray/brown) and Romney (white)
22. 2-ply, 13 wpi, about 1,152 ypp (gray/brown)
23. single, 12 wpi, about 912 ypp (white)


Victoria Dow of West Chester, Pennsylvania
Romney from Prado de Lana farm Chester County, Pennsylvania
24. 3-ply, 16 wpi, about 1,184 ypp

Kris Peters of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania
Shetland from her own flock
25. 2-ply, 8 wpi, about 888 ypp

Spin Off Your Yarns Feature - From Washington and Wisconsin


Selah Barling of Seattle, Washington
Romney (multi-colored) from the Pines in Maple Valley, Washington; Gotland (gray) from Granite Falls, Washington; Clun Forest and Mohair blend (two white) from Isis Yarns in Bremerton, Washington
26. chain ply, 11 wpi, about 528 ypp (multi)
27. 2-ply, 10 wpi, about 863 ypp (multi) (gray)
28. bouclé, 9 wpi, about 569 ypp (multi) (crêpe white)
29. 2-ply, 16 wpi, about 1,606 ypp (multi) (thin white)

Roxie Rochat of Camano Island, Washington
Alpaca from Sentinel Ranch of Camano Island, Washington
30. 2-ply, 20 wpi, about 1,650 ypp


Louise Young of South Range, Wisconsin
Stinging nettle and common milkweed from the backyard
31. 2-ply, 11 wpi, about 1,039 ypp

Your Yarns Feature from Spin Off Magazine

Next Challenge

While traveling on your summer vacation, did you pick up a keepsake braid of fiber from the fiber festival or snag a memento bump of roving from the local yarn store? The Your Yarns theme for the Spring 2018 issue is “Souvenir Fibers.” Skip the boring slide show of your travels—show us your yarn! The deadline to submit is November 3, 2017.

Please send a minimum of one five-yard length of yarn labeled with your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. Please note the fiber content, wraps per inch (wpi) and yards per pound (ypp), and tell us a bit about your yarn submission. Mail your comments and your yarn to Spin Off Your Yarns, 4868 Innovation Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525-5576. Email [email protected] with any questions. The yarn won’t be returned, but it will be used for a worthy charity. Please contact us at the above address if you’d like to volunteer to make a charity item using the yarns from previous Your Yarns entries.

All photos by George Boe.

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