Handspun in the House: Yarn Wall Art for Spinners

Let’s be honest: we all decorate with yarn. From the first time I realized that putting my work in progress in a basket made it look like living room décor rather than something I hadn’t put away, yarn (and eventually spinning) became part of my decorating scheme. How many of us contemplate a Saxony spinning wheel because it looks like elegant furniture? You don’t have to commit to full-on yarn wall art like these stash flashers to celebrate handspun yarn art.

Thinking of decorating with yarn? Here are 3 reasons why.

1. Admire your handspun yarn as a work of art.

After you’ve spun a skein you’re proud of, why hide it away in a bin? A true work of art deserves appreciation.

2. Art yarn is more about looks than usefulness.

No matter how many times we offer ideas for making art yarn useful, we spin them for fun, challenge, and beauty. Celebrate it. Turn it into yarn wall art. (How amazing would those trendy woven wall hangings look made from your own art yarn?)

3. Show off your handspinning skills.

You have a hidden talent. Show it off. In Spin Flax & Cotton, Norman Kennedy explains how hanging handspun yarn on the wall has historic—and competitive—roots. Learn more in the clip below.

3 Practical Considerations for Yarn Art

1. Keep your yarn art clean.

You can swipe a rag along a bookshelf and whisk away some dust, but the nooks and crannies of yarn aren’t so easy to clean. Dust, spider webs, smoke, and cooking smells can make your precious handspun yarn a bit shopworn. We’ve looked at tricks for removing smoke smell, but cobwebs aren’t so easy to clean out.

wall art

Hannah Baker keeps her yarn in glass-front shelves—instant décor, plus dust and dog protection.

2. Protect your yarn from children and cats.

Yarn is touchable, handspun yarn especially so. When hanging yarn on the wall, keep it out of reach of inquisitive paws, especially the kind with claws.

3. Is it colorfast?

Dyed fiber (and even naturally colored fiber) can fade in daylight. Keep your precious handspun yarn wall art out of direct sunlight and rearrange it periodically to prevent uneven color loss.

—Anne Merrow

Bring your space to life with woven wall art!

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