Write for us! What are Your Desert Island Spinning Tools?

Handspinning gives us many opportunities to collect spinning tools. For some spinners, this becomes a hobby all on its own! I have many spinning friends who accumulate finely tuned spindles and intentionally designed spinning wheels. I also know loads of fiber folks who revel in adapted spinning tools, such as a special button used as a diz. What’s in your spinner’s toolbox?

Spinners are often people who like to know how things work; we are a curious bunch! It’s only natural that we might find it of the utmost importance to own not one set of handcombs but five different sets that are effective for different fibers.

Has a fiber or spinning tool sent you on a journey to learn more? Whether your penchant is for antique spinning tools, adapted found objects, or modern equipment made for the job at hand, we would love to hear about your life with spinning tools!


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What’s your take on electric spinners? Kate loaded her Hansen MiniSpinner with a decadent blend from Hilltop Cloud.

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Featured Image: A diz is used to produce sliver, such as when producing combed top from handcombs. There are many beautiful dizes available, but buttons are also a spinner’s favorite! Photos by Kate Larson.

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