Would you like to write a Back Page Essay?

You know the last page of Spin-Off magazine, page 112? I need your profound, silly, poignant, insightful, educational, endearing, funny, thoughtful stories about spinning to publish here.

Here's what I need from you:

An essay written in MS word or copied into an email message, 400 to 700 words long.

An author biography, 2 to 3 sentences long written in the third person.

A title for the essay.

If there is a relevant photo to include, please send a jpeg and provide a caption and a photo credit. In most cases, we have our illustrator draw something that captures the tone of the piece.

If accepted for publication, we'll send you an author agreement form, and upon publication, we'll pay you $50 and send you a complimentary copy of the magazine. I'll send you a copy of the edited version for you to review before publication (via email).

Back page essays are something that I'm always looking for–so there is no deadline on this. Please send your submission to me at aclarkemoore@interweave.com.

If you've already submitted an essay and haven't heard from me in a while, please send it to me again, perhaps now is the time for it!


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