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On September 19th, many spinners around the world took their craft public. Using spindles, charkhas, and wheels, they shared handspinning with their communities for Worldwide Spin in Public Day. I'm excited to share a few of the great SIP (spin in public) events we've heard about through the WWSIP Facebook page and Ravelry group. If you would like to share your event on Spinner's Connection, send me a note at


The Haddington Spinners and Weavers had a grand day at the Hirsel Craft Centre in Scotland. Photo: Joe Zawinski.

Haddington Spinners and Weavers Guild – Spinning in the Scottish Borders

Haddington Spinners and Weavers is a fun group of fiber enthusiasts that is a part of the larger Poldrate Arts and Crafts Club, East Lothian, Scotland. Member Debbie Zawinski, author of the upcoming book In the Footsteps of Sheep, shares a bit about the Haddington group's SIP event:

"Our day was a lovely, relaxing occasion. We ventured to new pasturesThe Hirsel Craft Centre in the Borders of Scotlandat the invitation of a local spinner, Aliy Brown. Aliy's father had made a basket load of handspindles for the public to try, and she enthusiastically encouraged all visitors to have a go. Participants came in all ages, and we had a super location in the courtyard of the centre. Local weaver Janis Embleton popped in for a chat, too. Spinner Isabella Hodge even managed to purchase an antique spinning chair from one of the craft centre's shops. We look forward to doing something as pleasant as this for next year's Worldwide Spin in Public Day."

And speaking of public spinning adventures, here is a picture of Debbie published in Scotland's Sunday Post. She was spinning on her Kromski Sonata in front of Parliament!



(Left) Christiane was spinning Finn wool and some of her Firefly-themed batts. (Right) Spinner Rose Duke spinning on the SpinOlution King Bee. Photos: Christiane Knight.

ThreeRavens Fiber Studio – Baltimore, Maryland

Christiane Knight, the fiber-devoted owner of ThreeRavens Fiber Studio, celebrates WWSIP Day each September in Baltimore. She and her friends had a great time spinning again this year but tried an interesting new location. Christiane tells us a bit about their day:

"We spent the day by the lovely Canton Waterfront Park in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore. It's what I would call a mixed-use neighborhoodit used to be all docks and industry, but it has become more focused on young families and shopping and city living these days. It was a wonderful backdrop for our spinning group. We found a stretch of trees across the street from the park, where a seafood festival was taking place, and we chatted with many passersby and their kids about the history and appeal of fiber arts and its place in the modern world. We were asked so many great questions! We also got to pet some incredibly cute dogsalways a bonus. We definitely will be returning to this location next year!"

You can keep up with ThreeRavens Fiber Studio on Facebook, or meet Christiane (and her beautiful fibers) in the Wild Hare Fiber Studio booth at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, October 30‒November 1, and at the Holiday Artisan Market in Baltimore this December.  




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