Worldwide Spin in Public DayPoland, Hungary, and Germany.

As you might have heard, last Saturday, September 21, 2013, was Worldwide Spin in Public Day (WWSIP Day). Last week's Spinner's Connection story featured some great groups that were planning gatherings to share their love of handspinning and other fiber arts with their communities. I heard back from so many amazing groups around the world about their events! I'll be sharing their stories and images over the next few weeks. Here are just a few of the groups that were out in public with their wheels and spindles.


Alicja spinning in public—on her Polish Kromski spinning wheel! Photo: Tesia Tomczak.

Alicja Tyburska in Poznań, Poland.

"We met together in the courtyard of Archaeological Museum in Poznań where we brought our spindles and spinning wheels. We also had a display of our fiberworks, such as yarns (naturally dyed, too!), knitted items, and handwovens-made with our handspun, of course. We had some visitors, even from the Netherlands, who dropped in to see our public spinning. My choice for the day was Bluefaced Leicester wool top which spins into yarn like a dream. This was our second WWSIP Day. During summer holidays we organize similar meetings in Poznań, because one day is not enough for spinning enthusiasts." The spinners were also joined by a professional folksinger in the courtyard, who led them in singing traditional Polish folksongs about spinning. Alicja also has a blog, Tkackie Historie, which in English means Weaving Stories. You can also find her on Facebook and see more images from this WWSIP Day event here.







Anett on the right sharing spindle spinning on WWSIP Day in Budapest, Hungary. Photo courtesy of Anett Veg.

Anett Veg in Budapest, Hungary.

Anett wrote a great post on her blog about her WWSIP Day experience. Adrien és Zsóka organized an event in Budapest called A Day of Wool that coincided with WWSIP Day. Anett taught Adrien to spin a number of years ago and was excited to join the event and demonstrate spinning. She came prepared with a gorgeous pile of hand-dyed yarns and fiber and shared her love of spinning with as many people as possible. You can also see what Anett is knitting on Ravelry.








Shermin created a photo collage with images from the Berlin WWSIP event. Photo courtesy of Shermin Arif.

Shermin Arif in Berlin, Germany.

Shermin and her spinning friends in Berlin initially planned to celebrate WWSIP Day as they did last yeargathered around the big fountain in Alexanderplatz, a large public square in central Berlin. "But unfortunately, the whole place was barred. I think they were setting up for a fair." Shermin told me later, "So we went to our alternative meeting point at the restaurant in the nearest shopping mall. We found a nice quiet place with a big table there. Two of us had spinning wheels but, surprisingly, this was no problem. So we sat there, spinning, chatting, eating, and drinking coffee. It was quite nice. Not like the year before, when we nearly got the feeling, that the hordes of touristswho are regularly at this placewould throw peanuts in the next minute at us!" You can read more about their day on Shermin's blog. She works in Berlin as a journalist and part-time spinning instructor.



Visit the Worldwide Spin in Public Day Facebook page to see more pictures and stories posted by spinners around the world.



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