Worldwide Spin in Public DayChile and Northern England


On September 19th, many spinners around the world took their craft public. Using spindles, charkhas, and wheels, they shared handspinning with their communities for Worldwide Spin in Public Day. I'm excited to share a few of the great SIP (spin in public) events we've heard about through the WWSIP Facebook page and Ravelry group. If you would like to share your event on Spinner's Connection, send me a note at


An international mix of spinners spent time together in a park in Santiago, Chile for Worldwide Spin in Public Day. Photo: Fran Garbarró.

Spinners in Santiago, Chile

A group of spinners gathered in Bicentennial Park in Vitacura, Santiago, to celebrate WWSIP Day. Their event invitation read, "Anyone is welcome! We'll be a small group of spinners sitting on the benches under the trees!" How can a spinner resist? Organizer Sharon Ewing tells us more: "We had such a terrific time getting together!  It was the first time ever [for WWSIP Day] in Chile, and no one knew what to expect. By the time the day ended, no one wanted to leave! We had many adults and a few children stop by to see what we were doing. Most were really surprised to see us spinning. A few had stories to share of their mom or grandmom spinning, but most were just totally fascinated to see us in action. 

"We had a great mix of spinnersone each from France and Scotland, three from the United States, and the rest from Chile. They're talking about doing it again next year with one of the spinners offering to bring one of his alpacas. We had to get special permission to use the park from the municipality, so we weren't surprised to see several of the staff come by to check out what we were doing; one of them stayed to learn how to spin on a spindle. I'm expecting to see pictures of ourselves in the municipal newsletter, too. It was a truly exciting way to show that spinning is alive and well, and that while sheep may not really be red or green or blue, wool can be."



Enthusiastic spinners in Lancashire, England on Worldwide Spin in Public Day 2015. They hope to draw a larger crowd next year. Photo: Cathy Wright.


Knit Wise Fiber Shop in Lancashire, England

WWSIP Day occurred during Pop Up Fibre Week at Knit Wise, a yarn and fiber shop in Ormskirk. Throughout the week, the shop was loaded with dyed tops, fiber blends, and sundry spinning and felting supplies. A good time was had by all and much cake was eaten! They hope that their public spinning gathering inspired more local spinners to join in the fun next year. Spinner and felter Cathy Wright had this to share:

"We celebrated Spin in Public Day at Knit Wise, Ormskirk, Lancashire, where we caused a bit of a stir with passing shoppers. We spun in the shop to let people know that we have supplies for spinners, weavers, and feltmakerssomething we desperately need in our area-fibres to squeeze! Although we were a few ladies, we hope that once people know we're here, we will go from strength to strength and next year we'll be many!"



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