World peace through handspinning

Working toward our common goal

How often do you spin in public? I find myself doing it more and more as I have spinning that I want to do, but fewer blocks of time in which to do it.

I've been hauling my spinning wheel to the local coffee shop when I meet up with my knitting group because I've run out of yarn to finish the sweater I'm working on and need to spin up some more (I know, I know—I should spin enough for the whole sweater from the get-go, but sometimes it just isn't possible). The reactions I get when I walk into the coffee shop with a spinning wheel in my arms are often funny—some people exclaim in surprise when they see the spinning wheel or utter things like, "that loom is so cool!"

When I feel like I want to blend in more, I take a handspindle—it is a little less obtrusive. I also try to keep an extra spindle with me, just in case there is someone who, upon seeing me spin, confesses that they have always wanted to learn how to spin. I imagine you do the same thing. I mean, we're all working toward a common purpose, right? Remember our goal? World peace achieved through handspinning.

We've added an article to our free eBook that we released last year, Drop Spindle Spinning: Learn How to Spin with Drop Spindles, to make it a little more comprehensive. This should help as you go out in the world and spread the word about spinning—how it can make idle moments productive, soothe nerves, relieve stress, and enhance creativity. Spinning can also bridge gaps, start conversations, and entertain children and pets.

Happy spinning,

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