Wool Handling at Meridian Jacobs


One of the things that Robin Lynde loves about her Jacob sheep is their mothering ability. Photos courtesy of Meridian Jacobs. 
Meridian Jacobs has also organized Farm Club to further develop the relationship between the farm and its customers.  

Throughout the handspinning community, interest in finding local sources of fiber and breed-specific wool is growing by leaps and bounds. However, many spinners can feel overwhelmed when faced with row after row of beautiful fleeces at a fiber festival. Learning to assess whether or not a fleece will meet your needs requires hands-on experience. 

In a recent newsletter, the Spindles and Flyers Guild (California) shared with members that Robin Lynde of Meridian Jacobs in Vacaville, California, would be offering a workshop on wool handling and evaluation on January 29, 2014. Robin will teach skirting, sorting, and evaluating fleeces using examples from her own flock of Jacob sheep in addition to a few other breeds. What could be better than a day in the barn, fleece in hand, with a group of wool-minded folks?

Robin and her family have been raising Jacob sheep since about 1999. The flock is registered with the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association. Visit the JSBA website to learn more about this interesting breed of sheep. While Robin has many reasons to love her flock of Jacobs, she says it is the medium-fine fleeces in their beautiful range of black, white, and a brownish color called lilac that she finds the most exciting. Learn more about Robin and her flock on the Meridian Jacobs blog.



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