Wishing we had Smell-O-Vision

Demetrio Bautista Lazo offers a peek into his dyepots in Colorways.

Visit the dye studios of Kristine Vejar and A Verb for Keeping Warm as part of Colorways.

Chris Conrad shares the secrets of kakishibu in Colorways.

SpinKnit allows us to watch spinners double-drafting in the highlands of Peru.

A Spinner's Dream Staycation

You love the feel, the look, even the smell of yarn and fiber, so when you want to have a spinning and knitting experience, you reach for…

Your keyboard.

That may not be the first thing you think of, but hear me out. Interweave's eMags aren't (yet) equipped with Smell-O-Vision, but they do take you to see and hear fiber artists and textile lovers around the world, up close and personal.

In the recent issue of Colorways, we sat down with Demetrio Bautista Lazo of Oaxaca, Mexico, to hear in his own words how he got started as a natural dyer. Along with the video, there are slide shows that let you peek in Demetrio's studio, see the dyestuffs that go in the vats, ogle the yarns that emerge, and admire they rugs they become. You can try his methods for dyeing with cochineal using the project PDF.

On our visit to A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland, California, Kristine Vejar tells us that we're probably lucky not to smell all of the natural dyes that she uses to create amazing colors-because indigo can be "kind of smelly." Instead, you can just admire the colors of the sumptuous fibers and learn about how she learned to dye in India.

You don't need to imagine hot steam rising off the vessels used to dye silk and cotton with kakishibu. As Chris Conrad shows us, kakishibu works at room temperature with no mordant; kakishibu is a traditional dye from Japan that is made from the fermented juice of unripe persimmons. Kakishibu's unusual traits don't end there; the high tannin content makes the colors of kakishibu darken and develop in the sun instead of fading.

It's not just Colorways that gives you unique fiber experiences at the click of a mouse. The first issue of SpinKnit, published late last year, takes you to the highlands of Peru to watch spinners double-drafting yarn and to the home of Priscilla Gibson-Roberts to hear her ideas about the importance of spinning. In EntreKnits, an eMag about knitting and shape, see Vivian Høxbro as she describes her fascination with domino knitting and hear Norah Gaughan on the ways that nature's forms inspire her work.

An eMag can take you to places on the other side of the world, let you peer over the shoulder of a master teacher as she demonstrates her signature technique, or walk you through new skills step-by-step. Pick up your yarn or fiber, download an issue, and enjoy a spinner's staycation.


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