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If you read our guest post on May 15, then you are probably as excited as we are about If you missed the announcement, Craft Daily is Interweave's subscription streaming-video site where you can watch amazing craft-themed workshop videos including Know Your WheelHow to Card, The Gentle Art of Plying, and many more spinning (as well as non-spinning) videos. Craft Daily has videos on spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, sewing, beading, quilting and more! How cool is that?!

To continue our celebration of we're giving away one-year subscriptions to three lucky people! (Each is worth $200 and if you've already signed up for an annual subscription, you will get a second year free.)

Enter here for your chance to win: And, if you haven't checked out Craft Daily yet make sure to stop by the site, learn a bit about how it works, and even preview some videos.

Spin on,

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