Where in the world is Patsy Z?


Patsy teaching a handspinning workshop in New Zealand. Photo: Rich Zawistoski.
Find Patsy at SOAR 2013.

Spinning instructor Patsy Zawistoski, or Patsy Z as most of us know her, is spinning her way through a nine-week workshop tour in New Zealand. Her home guild, the Illinois Prairie Spinners, has been able to share in the adventure through the blog that Patsy and her husband, Rich, created, Thoughts on Being in New Zealand. Rich reports in a recent post that while teaching in New Zealand, Patsy has had to adapt only two common spinning terms. "She has to spell fibre correctly and say 'zed' not 'z' so they can be sure she is not saying 'c' or 'g' or . . ."

If you can't make it to Patsy's workshops in New Zealand, maybe you can catch her at SOAR (Spin-Off Autumn Retreat) in St. Charles, Illinois. She will be teaching Irresistible High Tech and Textured Yarns and Spinning Your Way Through Lunch-Corn, Milk, Banana, and Soy Fibers.



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